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Website Development

Desktops, Tablets & Mobile

Websites are built using templates that respond to the browsing device so they always look great.

Content Management

Free Platforms

We specialise in Concrete5, Wordpress and Opencart for the delivery of web and e-commerce sites that you can update easily yourself.

Friendly support

Phone and Email

We will support you as you manage your site going forward and have a range of support options available.


For just £10

We can host your site on high quality servers that are dedicated to our clients.

Putting you in control

Giving you the skills you need

Responsive Designs

Designed for Everyone, Everywhere.

The fundamental look and feel for your website is provided by a template or "theme". A theme will allow you to add pages of different types and layouts but retain an overall consistency. Your theme should reflect the character of your business and allow site visitors to navigate easily. Themes have built in controls or widgets to allow you to do this, as you add new pages and content your site menu will provide navigation to the page automatically.

Nowadays more and more users visit websites using a Smartphone or tablet, a site that appears small and is cumbersome to navigate on one of these devices will irritate visitors and could lose you potential custom. Themes can be specifically designed to respond to the device the website is displayed on and display content in a way which is appropriate to the size of the screen, these are called responsive themes. If you already have a website you can check out how it looks and works on a variety of devices by typing the URL into responsinator.com

Search Engine Optimisation

Get great listings

Good quality, engaging and fresh content for your website is key to retaining your website visitor's interest. It is also key to getting good rankings in search engines. The days when there were Search Engine Optimisation "tricks" that would raise your sites rankings are long gone, Google now mainly looks for quality relevant, authoritative content when ranking your site.

The structure of your content is vital to help search engines understand the keywords that represent your business and rank your site accordingly for search phrases submitted. Some of the content keywords will be on the web pages and some will be more hidden in behind the page "meta data". We can advise you on how to structure your content to influence your search ranking and what to avoid.

Digital Marketing Support

Social Media and Email.

Social Media includes the use of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube as marketing tools. It is easy to use the tools in a way that actually has a negative impact. We provide experienced advice on strategies and can guide you on the use on scheduling and monitoring tools to make efficient use of your time implementing your strategy and tracking it's effectiveness.

Email lists of interested customers provide a fantastic resource for keeping your customers or website visitors informed and engaged. We recommend Mailchimp as a tool for carrying this out. We can help you set up your mailing lists, design bespoke email templates and integrate mailing list signup forms on your website.

Quality Hosting

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Your website must be hosted on a web server, or cloud service to be accessed on the internet. We provide hosting facilities on servers that are dedicated to Aval Solutions clients, there are alternative cheap hosting deals available but your site may be hosted on a server shared with hundreds of other websites which can influence your website speed. Some hosting deals will also put limits on your disk space, download quotas and other services available.

Our hosting offers hosting of up to 4 websites on servers dedicated to Aval Solutions' clients with unlimited disk space, unlimited downloads and unlimited email accounts for £10 per month with no hidden costs.

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